on her period

Twitter user “on her period” @onherperiod is since January 2012 on the social network and her tweets are all about the point of view of a young women. She is showing her goals in life and giving advices to other girls. But she also lets you look into her thoughts. Many of them you may already had once or twice, regardless of gender. She is not hiding her flaws and likes to highlight the problems of others too. The tweets are diverse and entertaining.


Twitter user “Kermit” @ltsKermit is since February 2014 on the social network and her tweets are all about the thoughts and feelings of the daily life from a young student point of view.Β She complains about small things and is funny about others and herself. If you want to go hard on her, you could say, she is swimming in first world problems. But the truth is, she is struggling with growing up, and loves it.

Comic Feeling

Twitter user “Comic Feeling”@comicfeeling is since September 2012 on the social network and her tweets are all about the feelings and thoughts of female comic characters. In addition, she adds her own comments, which gives them even more depth. They are quite funny, revealing and you may want to find out who is behind this account. She already made a lot of tweets. If you have too much time, just scroll through and see where it goes.

Emilia Clarke

The first time i saw her was in TV series Game of Thrones. She is just a couple of days younger than me, Actress Emilia Clarke was born in England, 1986. Her photos on instagram does not have a lot of private life to offer, but Emilia Clarke travels a lot and shares her adventures through selfies. She keeps it interesting by holding different objects around her face too. If that is enough for you, go and follow her profile.

Ein von @emilia_clarke geteilter Beitrag am

Ein von @emilia_clarke geteilter Beitrag am

Diane Kruger

The first time i saw her was in the movie Unknown. Actress Diane Kruger was born in Germany, 1976. Even at her age she is portraying herself as a light hearted person, with a need for love. Her photos on instagram are showing quite often emotions and feelings. But don’t worry, Diane Kruger is diverse, and lets you see what she is thinking about too. I really like it, because you get to know her, unlike other actors with a brick wall around their thoughts.

Lily Collins

The first time i saw her was in the movie The Blind Side. Actress Lily Collins was born in England, 1989. She posted a really large amount of photos on instagram, with a wide range of visuals. But there is nothing too personal, just Lily Collins having fun and promoting things she wants to sell, like her book. If you want to see how the daughter of musician Phil Collins is slowly growing up, this is at least a way to scratch the surface, it’s a nice one too.

Kate Beckinsale

The first time i saw her was in the movie Pearl Harbor. Actress Kate Beckinsale was born in England, 1973. She kept herself in good shape and is a proud mother. Her photos on instagram are a mix of everything. There is really nothing bad or good to say about it, because it is unorganized and some photos do not even have the right focus. But nonetheless Kate Beckinsale is trying hard to give you a constant stream of visuals. And if you are a fan, you probably will appreciate it by following her.

Victoria Beckham

The first time i got to know her was because of the pop girl group Spice Girls. But the music is over, now she is a designer. Victoria Beckham was born in the United Kingdom, 1974. She is quite the oldtimer already, because she started early. Her large amount of photos on instagram gives you a wide range of topics. But Victoria Beckham lets you only scratch the surface of her private life. Because she knows you may care about it. And along the way you might be interested to buy something from her fashion collection too.

Mischa Barton

The first time i saw her was in the movie Notting Hill. Actress Mischa Barton was born in the United Kingdom, 1986. We do not really get to see her private life through photos on instagram. But she was in her life long enough in front of the camera, and Mischa Barton probably just wants a break when nothing is happening. We still get to see her dog and sometimes less perfect selfies. Besides of that, she takes us behind the scenes and shares her adventures. And if you are interested in her movies and TV series, you may be not the kind of person who wants to go too deep anyway.

Elle Fanning

I can’t remember a movie where she had a role, but after a look through her filmography, i probably saw her once or twice. Actress Elle Fanning was born in the United States of America, 1998. She is so young that she does not really have any private life to show off. All we get from Elle Fanning are behind the scenes, her making selfies or just posing funny. And at the end you take what you can get, and this is what she has to offer. There is still room to grow and you might don’t want to miss it.